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 West Lothian Junior Advanced Badminton Squad (JABS)
and Junior Badminton Club


 1.   NAME

The parent organisation shall be called the West Lothian Junior Advanced Badminton Squad herein after known as the JABS and referred to as the JABS or Squad. The Junior Badminton Club and Junior Sections are affiliated to JABS.


The objectives of the JABS should encompass the following:

2.1 To promote tournament quality junior badminton for under eighteen year old players.

2.2 Support West Lothian Council when required.

2.3 Identify individual needs in development of junior players and assist in fulfilling these needs.

2.4 To provide qualified coaches to work with players.

2.5 Organise suitable playing and coaching facilities.

2.6 Supply tournament information and advice.

2.7 Affiliate with the SBU (Scottish Badminton Union) and SSBU (Scottish Schools Badminton Union).

2.8 Educate parents about their role in their child's development.

2.9 Organise social coaching events.

2.10 Arrange trips to national and international events.

2.11 Raise funds to facilitate player and coach development.

2.12 To be fifty per cent self-financing.

2.13 To make a contribution towards the cost to members representing Lothian Junior Badminton in away team events


The following conditions apply to membership of the JABS

3.1 Players must be under the age of eighteen and either reside in West Lothian or attend a school in West Lothian.

3.2 Players will be invited annually or following trials to be a member of the JABS and achieve at least a 75% attendance record at squad coaching sessions. Membership is for one season, which will operate from the third week in August until the end of June. A register of attendance will be maintained for each coaching location.

3.3 Members will be allowed to invite visitors with the prior consent of the coach in charge.

3.4 Players will be expected to conduct themselves appropriately on and off court at all times. To maintain the high standard of good sportsmanship, abuse of racquets, use of bad language or shouting will not be tolerated.

3.5 If the correct court discipline is not maintained then the coach in charge will take the appropriate action e.g. player removed from the court for the rest of the evening etc. The responsible coach will give one informal warning, which will be followed by a formal warning before any action is taken.

·         Any persistent offender will be liable to periods of suspension, withdrawal from team tournament competitions and ultimately have their membership terminated.

 ·         A player who has to be removed from court for unacceptable behaviour on the third occasion will be suspended for the following weeks training. All occasions of suspension will be notified to the JABS committee. Any player suspended for more than one occasion will have their membership reviewed by the committee. Three suspensions will result in automatic termination of membership without refund of membership fees etc.

 ·         A record of all offences will be maintained.

 3.6 Members will automatically, through their membership fees, be affiliated to the SBU and SSBU.

 3.7 There is no provision for insurance cover from membership of the JABS and this should be arranged on an individual basis for players and coaches alike.

 3.8 Members will abide by the anti-doping provisions as adopted by Badminton Scotland from time to time.

 3.9 West Lothian JABS will abide by Badmintonscotland’s policies on child and vulnerable adult protection and any amendments thereto.


 4.1 Coaching will be delivered by qualified SBU coaches in accordance with individual/team needs. This coaching will be provided in accordance with the plan of coaching activities for each session and location. Fees for coach registration will be met by the JABS.

 4.2 Each player will be asked to maintain a record of coaching activities and results (tournament feedback forms). This will help the players and coaches develop and monitor individual improvement plans etc. It will also help in the identification of training and coaching needs for visiting national coaches and the like.

 4.3 Additional coaching events may be made available by local and national coaches as can be arranged.


 5.1 The composition of the JABS will be

 a) Convenor

 b) Secretary

 c) Treasurer

 d) Child Protection Officer

 e) Health and Safety Officer

 f) Committee members, (max. 6)

 5.2 All incumbents for all positions will be elected at an Annual General Meeting.


 6.1 Ordinary meetings of the JABS Committee will be held on a regular basis. The Annual General Meeting will be held in September.

 6.2 Ordinary meetings and the AGM will normally be notified at least one month in advance.

 6.3 A quorum of 2 will be required for ordinary meetings.

 6.4 Special, extraordinary meetings may be convened at the request of the Convenor, Secretary or Treasurer. These meetings will be notified at least one week in advance.

 All committee members in attendance at meetings will have equal voting rights, with the Convenor having the casting vote in the event of an even result.


 7.1 The JABS financial year runs from 1 August to 31 July.

 7.2 The treasurer must maintain accounts detailing income and expenditure and prepare a balance sheet annually.

 7.3 The treasurer should maintain one main bank account in which all transactions of the JABS grant monies should be conducted.

 7.4 There will be no petty cash holdings.

 7.6 The JABS accounts must be audited by person(s) who have accredited accountancy qualifications.

 7.7 JABS audited accounts must be submitted for adoption by the AGM.

 7.8 A separate bank account may be held by the Treasurer if required, in which non grant money may be held, e.g. for other monies raised by fund raising activities. However, the main JABS account must reflect the spending of all JABS activities, any other funds raised being recorded as transfers to income where this supports JABS activities.

 7.9 The amount set aside to meet claims under clause 2.13 shall not exceed the limit set from time to time by West Lothian Council in line with the Sports Club Development Grant Scheme, £350 as at August 2007, and may be less dependent on the financial position of the club. No member shall receive more than 75% of the costs incurred.


 8.1 The number of JABS team competitions will be determined by the Convenor.

 8.2 Any competition trophies or equipment owned by the JABS will be considered to be part of the assets of the JABS.

 8.3 Players will be given information relating to the forthcoming tournaments. Entry forms will be supplied by coaches and advice given.


 9.1 The cost of any additional support to that paid for and agreed by the West Lothian Council should be met from JABS funds.

 9.2 The JABS will be free to pay honoraria to officers e.g. to the Secretary, Treasurer. These amounts will need to be agreed at the JABS AGM.


 10.1 It is a requirement that the constitution of the JABS be submitted for ratification to the JABS AGM, as should any alterations.

 10.2 The constitution can only be changed at the JABS AGM or by a special meeting. The required majority for any changes should be two thirds of those attending.

 10.3 Anything not covered in the constitution should be referred to the management committee whose decision shall be final.





Andrew Cudmore

Secretary & Membership

Adrian Jones


David Lyall

Child Protection Officer
Health and Safety Officer

Patrick Moran

Committee Members

Scott Wylie


Murali Vinjam


Thomas Rennie



The committee meets on the second Tuesday of every month, 7:30pm at Bathgate Sports Academy. All parents and adult helpers are welcome to attend. 




            Junior Advanced Badminton Squad (JABS) and Junior Badminton Club




West Lothian JABS is fully committed to safeguarding and promoting the well being of all its members. WL JABS believes its is important that members, coaches administrators and parent associated with the club should at all times show respect and understanding for the safety and well being of others. Therefore, members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they have about any aspect of the club with any Club Committee Member.


As a member of West Lothian JABS you are expected to abide by the following members code of conduct:

All members must play within the rules and respect officials and their decisions.

All members must respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.

Members should keep to agreed times for training and competitions or inform the coach if they are going to be late.

Members must ear suitable kit for training (NO football colours or inappropriate slogans/advertising).

Members must pay any monthly fees for training or events promptly. Fees are collected on the first Tuesday of every month unless advised otherwise.



Bullying can take many forms; Physical, Verbal, Emotional, Harassment etc.

West Lothian JABS will take all signs of bullying very seriously.

All members will be encouraged to speak and share concerns with the coaches or someone in charge.

Any cases of bullying will be investigated confidentially.

If any member of the club is found guilty then their parent/guardian will be informed and they will asked to leave the club.



            Junior Advanced Badminton Squad (JABS) and Junior Badminton Club




Dear Member & Parent

Bathgate Academy Sports Centre is the normal venue for squad training on Tuesdays 5.30 – 6.30 (PIPS), 6.30-7.30 (Club) and 7.30-9.30 (Squad).

The regulations for the use of this community facility require to be made known to all participants and it is expected that, in the interests of all concerned, they will be observed.

As they are quite lengthy only those regulations relating to our usage are described below.  A full copy is available on request.

“2. A responsible person must be present throughout the duration of each let.”

- As well as the team coach a parent or member of the committee will be present on a rota basis

 “6. Any damage to property during the occupancy of the premises will be made good by the Council and the cost will be charged to the user.”

- The “user” is the person(s) causing the damage.

 “7. The Council does not accept responsibility for the loss of property belonging to nor for accidents sustained by members or organisations using educational premises.”

Please take care at all times.  We are not insured for loss of personal injury.

 “10. The instructions of the Janitor or Community Education staff present must be complied with at all times.”

 “11. Members or organisations must wear suitable footwear.”

- No black-soled shoes or high heels in the gym hall.

 “20. Noise must be kept to reasonable limits.”

- Unlikely to be an issue under normal circumstances.  Shared use of a community facility expects Appropriate behaviour to be observed.

 “21. Along with the provision of accommodation the necessary toilets, heating and lighting of the Building will be provided.”

- Any damage to, or abuse of, the facilities could result in the termination of the let.  Any member found to be causing damage will have their membership terminated immediately.

 “22. The users shall not have the use of any other equipment or fittings apart from that mentioned in clause 21.”

- The squad has use of equipment for the six badminton courts only.


Download this file (Code of Conduct_general.doc)Code of Conduct for Facility Users[Code of Conduct for Facility Users]21 Kb
Download this file (Code of Conduct_members.doc)Code of Conduct for Members[Code of Conduct for Members]22 Kb

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